Things That Happen If You Get a DUI 


When people get arrested because of a Driving Under Influence (DUI) offense, these very individuals automatically regret getting the car keys and driving despite the alcohol intoxication.  


We have heard stories like this when people get to realize what they have done after realizing that they have damaged a certain property or injured someone to death, and they are faced with many consequences like punishment and fines.  


Although there are many competitive Miami DUI lawyers that could defend your case at the court and may reduce your punishment and fines (if still proven guilty of charge), it is still better to prevent yourself in participate pint with a crime by driving despite having to drink something.  




The following are the things that will happen if you get a DUI 


1.You will be called out by an officer and arrested  

When the officer calls for a traffic stop because you have made some misbehavior and other things that would provide him to test you for a drug or alcohol test, that is when you need to realize that you are already near bring charged with DUI.   


Worse, if you fail the breathalyzer or sobriety test, that marks your offense, and there will be no walking away from the police. The officer has the authority to arrest you with a suspicion of DUI.   


2.Your driver will be suspended or stopped  

Suspension of driver’s license is mandatory for all drivers if they have committed a crime n the road, although each state varies when it comes to their rules and regulations. There are states that will still allow you to drive with an ignition interlock device.   


3.You will need to be at court for multiple times  

Until you plead guilty, proven to be guilty, or proven to be innocent, you will need to go to court as evidence against you will be presented. You need to be always present at court whenever you are called.   


4.You will pay fines  

Aside from the inconvenience, time wasted, humiliation, unnecessary meetings, you will also be fined that can be more than a thousand dollars. The fines you need to pay depends on the state’s regulations as each state has its own regulations and policies when it comes to DUI. The number of fines an also be based on the type of charge, or if there was a property damaged.   


5.You will get a probation  

 There are stats that allow you to go into probation instead of putting you in jail. You also need to meet your officer and follow the orders.   


6.You may need to pay higher insurance  

You may be required to get a special insurance policy also known as SR-22 that could potentially increase your insurance premiums.  


  1. You will go to jail 

This is probably the most saddening punishment you ill get from a DUI charge. Longer times will be given to those repeat offenders.   


Final thoughts 

There are many things that you need to consider when driving while being drunk and we just mentioned only a few. 

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